Featured below are just a few of the many rugs and kilims from the Near East, Central Asia and Persia I have at this time. Please check back regularly as these select pieces will periodically change and other weavings will be featured. Please email for more information on these or any other items on this site.

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from the Chimu, Chancay, Huari, & Nazca Cultures

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Featured Weavings!

1. Anatolian Kilim Fragment, circa 1800-20

2. Turkmen Tent Band Fragment, Central Asia, 18th C.

3. Uzbek/Arab(?) Flat Weave, Central Asia, late 19th Century

4. Baluch Saddle Bag, SW Afghanistan, circa 1900.

5. Afshar Rug Fragment, S. Persia, mid(?) 19th C .

6. Baluch Rug, NE Persia, mid 19th C or before(?)

7. Shahsevan "Long Rug", SE Caucasus, 19th Century

8. Baluch Animal Trapping, SE Persia, circa 1900

9. Qashqai Bag Face, S. Persai, 19th Century

10. Ersari Trapping, Central Asia, 19th Century

11. Baluch "Chanteh", NE Persia, 19th Century

12. Yomud Kap, Central Asia, 19th Century

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