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from the Chimu, Chancay, Huari, & Nazca Cultures

Featured Weavings and Textiles

1. Yomut Group Tent Band (fragment), Central Asia,
2. Baluch Khorjin, NE Persia, 19th C.








3. Tekke Turkmen Embroidered Bokche, late 19th C.
4. Chodor Embroidered Cuff, Central Asia, circa 1900



5. Quchan Kurd Rug, NE Persia, 19th C.
6. Baluch Main Carpet, SE Persia, 19th C.






7. Yomut Chuval, Central Asia, 19th C.
8.Baluch Pile Band, SE Persia






9. Kurd Bag Face, W Persia, 19th C.
10. Veramin Trapping(?), N. Persia, 19th C.



11. Flat Woven Runner, Syria, circa 1900.
12. Veramin Mafrash Panel(?(, 19th Centuiry


13. Quchan Kurd, Embroidered Hat, NE Persia, 19th C.
14. Kurdish Bag Face, NW Persia, 19th C.



15. Baluch Bag Face, W. Afghanistan, 19th C.
16.Uzbek Embroidery, Central Asia, 19th C.

17. Yomut Turkmen Embroidery, Central Asia, , mid 19th C.
18. Uzbek Pile Band, Central Asia, 19th C.


19. Uzbek Embroidery, Central Asia, 19th C.
20. Block Print Cotton Fabric, India, early 19th C.







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