Baluch Rugs

Azadi, S.: Carpets in the Baluch Tradition
Munich 1986, 63 CP 215 pp. Extensive treatise on the history and variety of Baluchi rugs with photos of some very good rugs, though the colour reproduction is not the best.

Black, David: Rugs of The Wandering Baluchi
London 1976, 42 CP 114 pp. The standard reference for this rug. Pioneering effort. An EXCELLENT book with some good rugs shown as well as b&w photos of the region and people.

Boucher, Jeff: Baluchi Woven Treasures
London 1989 (1996), 63 CP 152 pp. Wonderful collection by noted Baluch rug collector. The collection now resides in the Indianapolis Museum of Art..

Craycraft, Michael: Belouch Prayer Rugs
Pt. Reyes St. 1982, 40 CP 93 pp. Exhibition catalog which remains the best publication of Belouch prayer rugs.

Diehr, Frank Martin: Three Dusty Dozen, Antique Baluch Rugs
Germany 2001, 36 CP 64 pp. Featuring mostly Baluch weavings from the Afghan based Baluch tribes.

Diehr, Frank Martin: Treasured Baluch Pieces from Private Collections
Wuppertal 1996, 78 CP 112 pp. . Featuring mostly Baluch weavings from the Afghan based Baluch tribes.

Homer, J. P. J.: Exclusively Belouch
Cheltenham 1986, 39 CP 44 pp. A catalog from an English dealer of tribal rugs, very difficult to find.

Konieczny, M.G.: Textiles of Baluchistan
London 1979, 10 CP, 38 b/w, 12 drawings 77 pp. British museum exhibition catalog on Baluch weavers from Pakistan

Turkmen Rugs & Central Asian Textiles

Andrews, Peter: Wie Blumen in Der Wuste
Hamburg 1993, 127 CP 210 pp. Outstanding Turkoman rug exhibit at 7th ICOC. German text.

Cassin, Jack and Peter Hoffmeister: Tent Band-Tent Bag, Classic Turkmen Weaving
Coburg/Esback 1988, 40 CP, 48 b/w 127 pp. The authors' collections form the basis of this book. Good old pieces are shown, many in fragmentary condition, thought provoking and informative text and commentary.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets
Copenhagen 1990, 45 CP 48 pp. . Danish dealer exhibition and sales catalog.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets II
Cohenhagen 1994, 44 CP 47 pp. . Danish dealer's second Turkoman catalog. Danish and English text.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets III
Copenhagen 1996, 46 CP 48 pp. . The third exhibition and sales catalog of this Danish dealer of Central Asian rugs.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets IV
Copenhagen 1998, 58 CP 48 pp. . Dealer exhibition and sales catalog of outstanding Central Asian rugs and animal trappings.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets V
Copenhagen 2003, 11 CP 16 pp.. Dealer exhibition and sales catalog of outstanding Central Asian rugs and bags.

Ermakova, E. and S. Mahkamova: Ikats from Turkestan, Tair F. Tairov Collection
Moscow 2002, 101 CP 134 pp. Pushkin State Museum exhibition catalog of exceptional silk textiles from Central Asia. Russian/English text.

Fitz Gibbon, Kate and A. Hale: Ikat, Silks of Central Asia
London 1997, 424 CP, 73 b/w 368 pp. . Stunningly beautiful Ikat collection of Dr. Guido Goldman with an informative text which goes beyond the scope of ikat production and deals with the dynamics of the various tribal cultures in Central Asia. A must for any Cental Asia enthusiast.

Grube, Ernst J.: Keshte, Central Asian Embroideries, The Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf Collection,
New York 2003, 43 CP 130+ color, b/w figs. 144 pp. The Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf Collection of these textiles including suzani and Lakai work. Examples include large covers, saddlecloths, embroidered belts, bags and hair ornaments.

Hale, Andy and Kate Fitz Gibbon: Ikats - Woven Silks from Central Asia: The Rau Collection
Oxford 1988, 80 CP 96 pp. 4. Exhibition catalog of a private collection of ikat textiles. Nice contribution to the literature.

Harvey, Janet: Traditional Textiles of Central Asia
London 1997, 212 CP 50 b/w 160 pp. . Focus on non-piled weavings from tribes, including Uzbek and Kirghiz. A highly recommended primer for those interested in the obscure weaving and textiles of Central Asia.

Hoffmeister, Peter: Turkoman Carpets in Franconia
Edinburgh 1980, 60 CP 105 pp. . Wonderful collection of early Turkoman rugs with comments offered by both Hoffmeister and Simon Crosby.

Jourdan, Uwe.: Oriental Rugs Vol. 5 Turkoman
Augsberg 1989 (1996), 299 CP, 99 drawing 318 pp. Extensive illustrations from auction house and museums, an amazing collection of photographs, many of which come from Nagel Auctionhaus..

Kalter, J. and M. Pavaloi: Uzbekistan
London 1997, 437 CP 368 pp. Major German museum exhibition of material culture of the Uzbeks. 190 CP rugs and textiles.

Kalter, J. and M. Pavaloi: Uzbekistan, Heirs to the Silk Road
London 1997, 437 CP 368 pp. Major German museum exhibition of material culture of the Uzbeks. 190 CP rugs and textiles.

Lindahl, David and T. Knorr: Uzbek
Switzerland 1975, 24 CP, 74 b/w 72 pp.An early and important exhibition catalog with an informative text, especially Lindahl's contribution. A MUST for any enthusiast of Central Asian textile art.

Loges, Werner: Turkoman Rugs
Munich 1978, 117 CP 200 pp. A basic work where Turkoman rugs are arranged by tribes.

Mackie, Louise W. and Jon Thompson: Turkmen Tribal Carpets and Traditions
Washington 1980, 95 CP, 117 b/w 240 pp. A museum exhibition catalog of rugs from private collections. Informative and pertinent text, a good resource for general information about the Turkoman and their weavings.

Moshkova, V.G. edited by George W. O'Bannon: Carpets of the People of Central Asia
Tucson 1996, 140 CP 385 pp. English translation of classic work with color plates. Strong on non-Turkoman Central Asian rugs.

O'Bannon, George ed.: The Kyrgyz Carpet
Tucson 2000, 128 CP 152 b/w 3 maps 202 pp. Two volume set featuring rugs from these Central Asian peoples. Includes translations from Russian ethnographers L.G. Beresneva and K.I. Antipina. Color plates are of carpets and animal trappings from Russian museum and private collections. These tribal weavings are the main textiles of the Kirghiz.

O'Bannon, George et al.: Vanishing Jewels: Central Asian Tribal Weavings
Rochester 1990, 54 CP 128 pp. Exhibition catalog of the Amstey collection with insightful essays.

Pinner, R. and M. Franses ed.: Turkoman Studies I
London 1980, 28 CP, 574 b/w 288 . Aspects of the weaving and decorative arts of Central Asia. Includes many fairly obscure Russian translations An important contribution to rug studies.

Pinner, Robert & Murray L. Eiland Jr.: Between the Black Desert and the Red, Turkmen Carpets from the Wiedersperg Collection,
San Francisco 1999, 100 CP 50 b/w 144 pp. Museum exhibition catalog of an outstanding private collection of Oriental rugs from Central Asia.

Pinner, Robert,: The Rickmers Collection: Turkoman Rugs,
Berlin 1993, 62 CP 87 pp. 10 x 1. Exhibition in Hamburg-Berlin ICOC collection in 1902 of Central Asian rugs and carpets.

Reuben, D.M.: Gols and Guls II
London 2001, 52 CP 76 pp. . Dealer sales and exhibition catalog of highly collectible Turkmen and related carpets. Second in a series of Central Asian rug books.

Schurmann, U.: Central-Asian Rugs
Frankfurt am Main 1969, 100 CP 176 pp. A standard work on these rugs with outstanding examples illustrated.

Sommer, John L.: The Kyrgyz and Their Reed Screens
Fremont 1996, 27 CP, 50 photographs 163 pp. .. Pioneering English language study of this type of Central Asian yurt decoration using many obscure Russian sources.

Sotheby's: Turkmen and Antique Carpets from the Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Jon Thompson
NY 1993 (Dec. 16), 81 CP 150 pp. . Auction catalog sale. Many examples of rare and beautiful Turkmen weavings with insightful comments authored by Dr. Thompson.

Taube, Jakob: Suzani, A Textile Art from Central Asia
Munich 1994, 88 CP 118 pp. 12 x 12. The magnificent 48 piece Vok collection of suzanis.

Thompson, Jon: Silk, Carpets and the Silk Road
Tokyo 1988, 61 CP 96 pp. 8.5 x 12 Silk rug and textile exhibition catalog from public, private and dealer collections (largely Central Asian) with an interesting and readable perspective on early Central Asian history.

East Turkestan, Chinese & Tibetan Carpets

Bidder, Hans: Carpets from East Turkestan, Known as Khotan, Samarkand and Kansu Carpets
London 1964 (1979), 20 CP 50 b/w 96 pp. Standard reference for rugs from this area, questionable dating but good images. Important text which discusses design origns, etc, beyond just a discussion of East Turkestan rugs.

Cole, Thomas, Dream Weavers - Textile Art from the Tibetan Plateau, Singapore, 2004, 68CP, 188pp. A concise synopsis of the early history of Tibet through the Middle Ages, documenting the multi-ethnic Central Asian origins of the Tibetan people and their weaving tradition.

Gans-Ruedin, E.: Chinese Carpets
NY 1981, 60 CP 200 pp. Both 19th century and modern rugs from China, Tibet and East Turkestan.

Halevim, Davide: Oasi, Memorie e Fascino del Turkestan Orientale
(Milano) 1999, 20 CP 54 pp. . Major dealer exhibition catalog of 18th-19th century Oriental carpets from East Turkestan including Khotan, Yarkard, Kashgar. Italian/English/French text.

Larsson, Lennart: Carpets from China, Xianjiang and Tibet
Boston 1989, 177 mostly CP 141 pp.. A general survey of antique to contemporary rugs.

Eiland, Murray L.: Chinese and Exotic Rugs
Boston 1979, 52 CP, 180 b/w, 30 drawings 246 pp. 8.5 x 11. Excellent book on this arcane subject. Includes Tibetan, Mongolian, East Turkestan, India, North Africa, and the Balkans. An essential primer for those interested in Chinese rugs.

Lorentz, H.A.: A View of Chinese Rugs, from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century
London 1972, 95 CP, 60 b/w 194 pp. The best book yet on pre-1925 Chinese rugs. Early contribution, strong on images but, again, dating of some of the rugs featured is questionable. Good background information provides a solid foundation for beginning to understand these rugs.

Denwood, Philip: The Tibetan Carpet
Warminister 1974 (1978), 24 CP, 85 b/w 120 pp. Important early book on the subject.

Kuloy, Hallvard Kare: Tibetan Rugs
Bangkok 1982 (1995), 259 CP 235 pp.. One of the most extensively illustrated books on the subject. Sound text based on field experience.

Myers, Diana K.: Temple, Household, Horseback: Rugs of the Tibetan Plateau
Washington, D.C. 1984, 6 CP 70 b/w 111 pp. Textile Museum exhibition catalog, good text, some interesting examples.

Persian Tribal Rugs & Textiles

Bieler, Herbert and P. Tanavoli: Tasheh
Wien 1994, 36 CP 90 pp. Dealer exhibition catalog of a distinctive type of Luri flatweaves by this Persian tribal group. German/English text.

Bier, C.: Woven from the Soul, Spun from the Heart, Textile Arts of Safavid and Qajar Iran 16th-19th Centuries
Washington D.C. 1987, 32 CP, 170 b/w 352 pp. Textile Museum exhibition catalog of rug and textile patterns from Persia.

Black, D. and C. Loveless: Woven Gardens, Nomad and Village Rugs of the Fars Province of Southern Persia
London 1979, 57 CP 149 pp. Pioneering study - with charts, graphs and bibliography.

Burns, James D.: Antique Rugs of Kurdistan, A Historical Legacy of Woven Art
Seattle 2003, 100 CP 320 pp. A massive quality publication. Important contribution to Oriental rug studies by a noted collector of Kurdish rugs. Includes an essay by Dr. Mehrdad Izady.

Collins Jr., John J.: Flowers of the Desert
Newburyport, Ma 1987, 50 CP 54 pp. . Dealer exhibition and sales catalog of South Persian tribal rugs.

Edwards, A. Cecil: The Persian Carpet, A Survey of the Carpet Weaving Industry of Persia.
London 1953 (1967), 4 Cp 419 b/w 408 pages A classic work on the subject of Persian weavings.

Frauenknecht, Bertram: Schahsavan Sumakh Taschen
Nurnberg (1993), 64 CP 87 pp. Dealer exhibition catalog of splendid examples of Northwest Persian soumak bag faces.

Gantzhorn, Volkman: 99 Teppiche
Stuttgart 1993, 109 CP 192 pp. The Cremer collection of mostly Gabbeh rugs. German/English text.

Housego, Jenny: Tribal Rugs
London 1978, 26 CP, 100 b/w 117 pp.. Basic text on Shahsavan (Northwest Persian) tribes.

Housego, Jenny: Tribal Rugs, An Introduction to the Weavings of the Tribes of Iran.
London 1978 (and later, 26 CP, 100 b/w 117 pp.

MacDonald, Brian W.: Tribal Rugs, Treasures of the Black Tent
Woodbridge 1997, 220 CP 302 pp. Strong on Persian tribal and village rugs.

Opie, James: Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia
Portland 1981, 100 CP 224 pp. . Wonderful color. Many smaller pieces illustrated. A classic work on the subject.

Sabahi, Taher: Shahsavan Jajim
Turin 1998, 42 CP 144 pp Sabahi's collection of striped flatweaves made by North-West Persian tribes.

Sorgato, David: Gabbeh
Milano 1999, 42 CP 56 pp.. Dealer exhibition catalog of these South Persian tribal rugs. Italian/English text.

Stanzer, Wilfried: Kordi: Lives-Rugs-Flatweaves of the Kurds in Khorasan
Wien 1988, 100 CP 224 pp. A comprehensive book of these Kurdish peoples in Eastern Iran from Adil Besim, an Austrian dealer/collector. German/English text.

Tanavoli, Parvis: Lion Rugs from Fars
Oshkosh 1974, 29 CP, 12 b/w 62 pp. South Persian tribal rugs, each showing stylized lions.

Tanavoli, Parvis: Lion Rugs, The Lion in the Art and Culture of Iran
Basel 1985, 24 CP, 38 b/w 150 pp. The best produced book on this topic by this author. Numerous b/w photographs of lions in other media.

Tanavoli, Parvis: Persian Flatweaves
Woodbridge 2002, 244 CP 198 b/w 350 pp. A massive survey of antique collector quality kilim floor covers and hangings.

Tanavoli, Parvis: Riding in Splendour: Horse and Camel Trappings from Tribal Iran
Tehran 1998, 138 CP 53 b/w 214 pp. Welcomed addition to the world of animal accoutrements in tribal weaving.

Tanavoli, Parviz: Bread and Salt Iranian Tribal Spreads and Salt Bags
Tehran 1991, . Important private collection of these two types of Persian tribal weavings.

Caucasian Rugs & Textiles

Bennett, Ian: Oriental Rugs, Vol. 1, Caucasian Rugs
Suffolk England, 1981, A comprehensive piece of literature with numerous color plates and relevant, informative text.

Burns, James: The Caucasus, Traditions in Weaving
Seattle 1987, 67 CP 74 pp. Wonderful collection of Jim Burns', both piled and flatwoven.

Cassin, Jack: Kelim Soumak Carpet and Cloth, Tribal Weavings of the Caucasus
NY 1990, 17 CP 46 pp. . Beautiful, examples of mainly flat-weaves.

Ellis, Charles Grant: Early Caucasian Rugs
Washington DC 1975, 16 CP, 21 b/w 112 pp.. Important Textile Museum exhibition catalog.

Kaffel, Ralph: Caucasian Prayer Rugs
London 1998, 160 CP 10 b/w 1 map 192 pp. Mainly early 19th century examples. Important.

Schurmann, U.: Caucasian Rugs
London 1965 (1974), 160 CP 360 pp. The classic. Wonderful examples.

Wertime, John T.: Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia and Transcaucasia
London 1998, 170 CP 15 b/w 240 pp. . Major contribution to this area.

Wright, Richard: Rugs and Flatweaves of the Transcaucasus
Pittsburgh 1980, 22 CP, 44 b/w 123 pp. 8 x 11 Museum exhibition catalog.

Wright, Richard E. and John Wertime: Caucasian Carpets and Covers
London 1995, 90 CP, 42 b/w 184 pp. . Focus is on flatweaves with recent research on villiage commerical production.

Yetkin, Serare: Early Caucasian Carpets in Turkey
London 1978, 20 CP, 298 b/w 356 pp. Two volume set. From museum collections. Important work in the development of Caucasus

Early Histories & Travelogue Writing

Vambery, Arminius: Travels in Central Asia
An unbelievable account of travel through west Turkestan, written in 1863 with graphic descriptions of Bokhara, Mazar-i-Sharif and Turkmenistan

Vambery, Arminius: History of Bokhara
An account of the Bokhara Khanate with valuable resource information about the people and customs

Rockhill, W.W. : The Land of the Lamas - Notes of a Journey through China, Mongolia & Tibet
A valuable resource for those interested in this region, written in 1891, complete with interesting ethnographic information and observations.

O'Donovan, Edmond: The Merv Oasis,
A graphic account of life among the Turkmen of the Merv Oasis originally published in 1882

Pottinger, Henry : Travels in Beloochistan and Sinde
A valuable resource with names of Baluch tribes and description of travels through their lands written in 1810.

Elphinstone, Mountstuart : An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, 2 volumes
Written in 1815, Elphinstone provides valuable information about the tribes of Afghanistan as well as the politics of the region at that time.

Barthold, V.V. : Turkestan
Originally published in 1900, it is the definitive history of the region, a valuable reference source today for both scholars and students.

Burnes, Sir Alexander : Cabool - A Personal Narrative, Journey To and Residence in That City, 1836-1838
Published in 1841, an early account of Afghanistan and the events leading up to the First Afghan War

Komroff, Manuel (ed.) : Contemporaries of Marco Polo
A fascinating compilation of essays penned by contemporaries of Marco Polo including Friar John of Pian de Carpini, Friar William of Rubruck, Friar Odoric, and Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela.

Parker, E.H. : A Thousand Years of Tartars
An early scholarly history of ancient Inner Asia written in 1891 and still very relevant today for any student of the region.

Masson, Charles, Narrative of Various Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan and the Panjab
A three volume set, complete with an extensive index, chronicling the author's travels through these regions. An avid archaeologist, and supposedly both a deserter from the East India Company and a spy for the British government, this 3 volume set was originally published in 1842. A classic early travelogue

Holidich, Thomas, Tibet the Mysterious
Written in 1906, an interesting survey of earlier travelogue writing as well as commentary on the culture of the high plateau.

Legge, James, A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms
The travels of Fa-hien, the early Chinese Buddhist pilgrim, through various regions including India and Central Asia in the 6th century AD.