I would like to thank Steve Salzman who has tirelessly and patiently worked with me in developing and designing this site as well as my friend Anna, for encouraging me to organize myself and embark upon this venture into cyber space. I would also like to thank the editors and publishers of HALI, who have indulged me (and their readers) with the travelogue writing I enjoy so much. I also wish to thank Danny Shaffer for being as supportive as he has been through the years, from the time preceding the publication of 'Tibetan Rugs - A Tribal Tradition' in 1991 through my latest and ongoing travels, staying in telephonic contact with me wherever I am or whatever is happening, not all of which has been pleasant. I also wish to thank both Elena Tsareva and Elena Kordik from St. Petersburg for enriching my appreciation of Central Asian rug and textile art and photography. I also must thank Robert Pinner for being there for me as a resource, for ultimately encouraging me on my path of involvement with Turkmen weavings and art, not without a well-placed barb or two. I also wish to thank the publishers of HALI for permission to reproduce these articles on the site. Last but certainly not least, I also wish to thank my two children, Lek and Katharine, for putting up with me (they had not choice, I was the only game in town!) and ultimately supporting this endlessly time consuming endeavour of mine as well as for their appreciation of these textiles and weavings as art.

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