Editorial & Consultation Offer !
- from www.tcoletribalrugs.com

www.tcoletribalrugs.com is offering something NEW for all collectors and rug aficionados!!

It has become clear over the course of the last two years that there are a number of people who hunger for both information about the rug world, the marketplace, the happenings, the trends, the climate in the Asian marketplaces from Istanbul through Uzbekistan to Kabul, as well as the auction houses of NY, London and Wiesbaden.  

I have decided to offer my take on the market, on the rugs that hit the public marketplaces and the happenings around the world, incl. the States, Europe and Central Asia. 

If you wish to subscribe to a newsletter that will be sent out eight times annually with an unexpurgated, uncensored look at the rug world commencing next month, you may do so for $40 per year. Funds should be transmitted via PayPal so there will be a computerized record of the date you have subscribed which will ensure delivery of this newsletter via email (using a Microsoft WORD attachment) for a full year from the time of your remittance.

Additionally, I have fielded many requests via email and my website for private consultation, ranging from attribution of specific rugs to an assessment of aesthetics to an actual dollar appraisal. For this service, you can subscribe for one year @ $150 for UNLIMITED VERBAL information given over the telephone. Written replies involving assessment of aesthetics and appraisals will require an additional fee per reply, ie. $150 for each reply in writing. 

Attributions, both written or verbal, are included in the initial $150 annual consultation fee.

This is your opportunity to tap into a resource that few people have at their fingertips, a person with a point of view based upon many years of experience in marketplaces throughout the world. 

You may remit your payment via PayPal using the recipient email address of thomascole@earthlink.net or soundboards@earthlink.net.

Please email me directly your intention to subscribe and your email address will be entered into a different database, ensuring your access to the newsletter and private consultation.

If you any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, either by phone or email. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.