Monk Meditating in Bonpo Temple

An absolutely incredible photograph taken around 1930 by Lt.Col. James Leslie Weir. Weir served in the British foreign service and visited Tibet upon the invitation of the 13th Dalai Lama in 1930 to discuss problems along the eastern border of Tibet shared with the Chinse province of Szechuan.

The photo depicts a Bon monk in meditation with the heads of both animals and humans suspended from the rafters. Again, the ancient practice of head hunting and preservation of human heads as possibly an offering to the gods was preserved in Tibet among the practitioners of Bon. Apparently worshipers were known to bring live animals to the temple. Sacrifice of animals and apparently humans as well were an accepted form of tribute with the heads preserved as further tokens for the gods.

Note the rug upon which the monk is seated. The shaggy fringe is very reminiscent of those warp faced back rugs, suggesting that tribute was presented to both Buddhist and Bon temples in the past.