Veramin Trapping/Mafrash Panel/Torba(?), N. Persia, 19th C., 3’1” x 1’3”


Over the years, we have all seen a number of Veramin weavings with a distinctly Turkmen feeling to the design, especially in these longer torba types.  This one differs in many ways from those with which I am familiar.  The secondary ‘gols’ are seldom seen in Veramin weavings and the floral elements are very Persian-ate and, too, are rarely ever seen.  

But forgetting the origins of design, the colors are outstanding, including a ‘grape’ or aubergine shade that is, again, seldom seen used among the Veramin.   All of this suggests it is older than many and given the substantial handle with velvety pile, it seems older than many  It passes the eye test.

The condition is good, the original selvedges may or may not be evident but the sides are overcast with wool.   There are no repairs or damage – the condition is good.

















































For further information on this piece, you may contact Thomas Cole