Kurdish Rug, Quchan Region of NE Persia, 19th C., 4’11” x 8’4”


Turkmen tribes located to the north.  The weaver apparently preferred a more Persian-ate inspired design and came up with this.  The colors are outstanding, and the stained glass like effect of the alternating blue, yellow, green and two reds is outstanding. 

The yellow virtually is not faded, virtually the same color back to front – a quality sometimes associated with older rugs.  Given the length of the pile it may have been a sleeping rug of sorts?  It is unclear.  It would look good on a wall, obviously and appropriate for floor use as well.  And collectible, as I do not recall seeing another example from the Quchan region that I find so personally pleasing. 

The drawing of the Turkmen ornaments is often somewhat crude and so obviously provincial in the worst sense of that word.  This on the other hand is visually compelling as it pleases the eye to let one’s gaze fall upon this rug.

The condition is good, there is one repair, but given the length of the pile it is only slightly noticeable from the back and not from the front at all.  The colors are all derived from natural dyes.






























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