Turkmen (?) Trapping, middle Amu Darya Region of Central Asia, late 19th Century, 4’ 5” x 1’ 7”

The weavings of the middle Amu Darya region are a class onto themselves, often defying precise attribution.  While they are commonly called ‘Beshir’ in the marketplace, they often exhibit characteristics that are not associated with Turkmen weaving.  The various tribes of the region are many, including many Turkmen groups (Salor, Ersari, Arabatchi and others) as well as Uzbek and other non Turkmen Central Asian tribal groups. 

This weaving exhibits characteristics not unexpectedly exhibits characteristics that cannot be easily placed to a single weaving group.  The light wefting is not cotton, but apparently a lighter colored wool.  If I had to guess, I would say it is of non Turkmen Central Asian origin, but it is just a guess based upon nothing in particular.  The knotting is asymmetric open to the right.   The condition is good, the colors are all derived from natural dyes.


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