Tekke Turkmen Child’s Garment, Central Asia, 19th Century,
1’ 11”  (cuff to cuff, at the widest point) x 1’ 4” (collar to bottom end, center)

It is a common tradition in Central Asia to use discarded or damaged garments in order to fashion an entirely ‘new’ and usable something or other.  In this instance, more than one woman’s yellow “chyrpy” (cloak like garment worn by many Tekke women) from two entirely different periods to make this charming and well used child’s shirt/dress.  The “front” side of this garment is much older than the back, exhibiting crisp, strong imagery, including birds (see detail images). 

The back side is a much more common design type, with a palette I’ve never really considered to be visually exciting nor is the yellow shade in the silk ground cloth.  But since one usually displays just one side, it really does not matter. 

The garment is complete down to the worn, silk velvet cuffs, well worn and probably considered to be quite festive looking when new.

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