Kirghiz Applique, Central Asia, circa 1900, 1’6” x 1’6” 

A very graphic appliqué textile put together in Central Asia by the Kirghiz.  These textiles represent an old tradition of design and technique.  It was probably used as a 'decorative' hanging in the tents.

The patterning is akin to what one might expect in a much older textile from the region.  Incorporating trade cloth cut to form the designs seen here, including the ubiquitous reciprocal ‘rams horn’ patterning in the border.  

Textiles of this type were used for decorative purposes, presumably with some talismanic intent given the nature of the design. 

Once more common in the marketplace, these textiles have become extremely rare these days.  

The condition is good, with some signs of wear, but no holes or moth damage as is common with these textiles.

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