Baluch Rug, NE Persia, 19th C., 5’3” x 7’5”

The blue ground, so-called Timuri rugs of NE Persia provide the benchmark by which all Baluch pile weavings are judged.   The variation in design is classic with many of the secondary and tertiary patterns seen consisting of a potpourri of well known motifs.  

The primary design elements are are ones called “kalam dan” in local languages though I have never seen these designs so elegantly articulated with a variation of patterning seen in the centers.  The borders are classic as well, greatly influenced by the neighboring Turkmen tribes but executed here with an amazing palette that collectors of Turkmen weavings would enjoy but are never able to see in their rugs.

But what separates this rug from many of the type is obvious – COLOR!  It is extremely rare to find such a diverse palette with a clear contrast in contiguous colors without the muddy, darker and murkier palettes that are often seen in Baluch rugs and deemed desirable.   

The clear apricot, golden yellow, madder red and indigo blues are superb in quality.  Also seen here is a lovely cochineal color that never appears in later pieces.  Though it is a color often besmirched within the context of Turkmen and Anatolian rugs, it is only found in Baluch weavings of extraordinary merit.  

Arguably this rug can be grouped with the “best of type”, a subjective response to which the Boucher main carpet also belonogs but that one does not have the random, asymmetry of desgn contributing to a dynamic quality of patterning seldom encountered in these rugs.. 

It is in relatively good condition, missing original selvedges and probablya minor border framing the entire composition, but there are no repairs nor any holes. 

There is some natural corrosion of the iron oxide mordant based dark brown/black color but nothing obtrusive or too disturbing for the eye to easily overlook when appreciating the remarkable beauty of the piece.


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